A pathway to a more sustainable world goes over renewable LPG. GreenLPG aims at providing an expanding energy market with a product made from a completely CO2 neutral feedstock, radically lowering greenhouse gas contribution.

LPG has a well-established infrastructure, reduces emissions in comparison to oil and coal, is easily stored and handled. It is also identified as a large growth area by major industry players. The GreenLPG concept gives a first-mover-advantage in very profitable markets, now that we make LPG renewable.

GreenLPG is the resultat of the dedicated research of the team at Biofuel-Solution in Malmö, Sweden. It is a joint effort co-funded by the Swedish Gas-Technical Centre (SGC) as well as, Göteborg Energi and The European LPG Association.

The basic idea is to turn a cheap and abundant feedstock, glycerine to start with, into propane using a mild catalytic method, established and verified during more than three years of research at Biofuel-Solution. In the near future, new feedstock will be added to the list such as biomass-derived alcohols.

About GreenLPG

Photo: Cris Cornell